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Athlete profile: Christophe Bernard
World Ranking Middle/Long 1792 / Sprint 2139 (as of 24/6/2024)

Overall World Cup (WC Overall)
Best result 121. place:

WC Overall 2005

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World Cup (WC)
Best result 43. place:

2006, WC no. 10, Auvergne, FRA, Middle

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Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC)
Best result 18. place:

1996, Relay, Govora, Romania

Best for each discipline:

Long: 114. place 1995, Horsens, Denmark
Middle: 93. place 1996, Govora, Romania
Relay: 18. place 1996, Govora, Romania

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IOF World Ranking:
World Ranking position: Middle/Long 1792 / Sprint 2139 (as of 24/6/2024)
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Christophe Bernard (12 times) .

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Máximus O Meeting - stage 2 - Middle Chpt Belgique Relais Nationale LD 4D Limburg - D4 - OH OOcup D3 - M21U OOcup D1 - M21 Ultimate 3JB2024 - J2 - long 3JB2024 - J1 - middle Nationale LD NAOM middle NAOM middle WRE pt1 NAOM middle WRE pt2 Régionale Anthisnes North Sea Trophy - day 3 BK Long O-Ringen Uppsala 2022 - E5 O-Ringen Uppsala 2022 - E4 O-Ringen Uppsala 2022 - E3 O-Ringen Uppsala 2022 - E2 O-Ringen Uppsala 2022 - E1 OOcup/2022 E5 OOcup/2022 E4 OOcup/2022 E3 OOcup/2022 E2 OOcup/2022 E1 3J Belgique 2022 - E3 BK Middle Régionale Marenne Máximus O Meeting - Chasing middle Máximus O Meeting - Middle Máximus O Meeting - Long Maximus Training Camp - Chasse Matacimera Maximus Training Camp - Longue Infierno La 77 CNE relais 6 Sprint des Ruffes Chpt France Nuit BK Relais Chpt FRSO MD BK Interclubs Régionale Vivy Nationale Longue Distance, St-Hubert Championnat de France de relais H35-40 Stage Chapelle-des-Bois - Serpent Stage Chapelle-des-Bois - Long court Stage Chapelle-des-Bois - Camp'O Ardennes Match Interland Portugal O'Meeting - E4 Portugal O'Meeting - E3