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Athlete profile: Emma Klingenberg
NOTE! Athlete background is outdated, last updated 2015-08-05 12:04:32
Very fast runner who has the potential to win any sprint race she starts in - but still lacks a bit stability. Fourth place in the European Champs sprint in 2014. Winner of World Cup Knock-out sprint in Gothenburg in 2012 - still as a junior - and running WOC 2011 as a junior. Repeating the 2012 victory at the World Cup Knock-out sprint in 2013. Part of the strong Danish junior generation dominating international junior orienteering around 2010-2012 - being the best junior woman beside Ida Bobach in JWOC 2011 in Poland. Nominated for the Ultimate Junior of 2008 after being the youngest Junior World Orienteering champ, winning the sprint distance at JWOC in Gothenburg in 2008. Also victory in EYOC Long distance, silver medal in EYOC sprint and victory in EYOC Relay 2008.
World Ranking Middle/Long 912 (as of 18/4/2024)
Born placeFaaborg (DEN)
Born year1992
LivesStockholm (SWE)

World Orienteering Championships (WOC)
2 gold medals

2015, Relay, Inverness, Scotland
2015, MixedRelay, Inverness, Scotland

2 silver medals

2014, Relay, Veneto/Trentino, Italy
2014, MixedRelay, Veneto/Trentino, Italy

Best for each discipline:

Long: 32. place 2014, Veneto/Trentino, Italy
Sprint: 6. place 2011, Savoie, France
Relay: Gold 2015, Inverness, Scotland
MixedRelay: Gold 2015, Inverness, Scotland

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Overall World Cup (WC Overall)
Best result 7. place:

WC Overall 2013

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European Orienteering Championships (EOC)
Best result 4. place:

2014, Sprint, Palmela, Portugal
2012, Relay, Falun, Sweden

Best for each discipline:

Middle: 19. place 2012, Falun, Sweden
Sprint: 4. place 2014, Palmela, Portugal
Relay: 4. place 2012, Falun, Sweden

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World Cup (WC)
1. place: 2 times

2013, WC no. 6, NORT, SWE, Sprint
2012, WC no. 11, NORT, SWE, Sprint

2. place: 2 times

2013, WC no. 7, NORT, FIN, Sprint
2012, WC no. 9, NORT, NOR, Sprint

3. place: 3 times

2014, WC no. 13, Switzerland, Middle
2013, WC no. 13, PostFinancesprint, SUI, Sprint
2012, WC no. 12, NORT, FIN, Sprint

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Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC)
1. place: 3 times

2012, Relay, Kosice, Slovakia
2010, Relay, Ålborg, Denmark
2008, Sprint, Göteborg, Sweden

2. place: 3 times

2012, Sprint, Kosice, Slovakia
2011, Sprint, Rumia - Wejherowo, Poland
2011, Long, Rumia - Wejherowo, Poland

3. place: 3 times

2011, Relay, Rumia - Wejherowo, Poland
2011, Middle, Rumia - Wejherowo, Poland
2009, Relay, San Martino, Italy

Best for each discipline:

Long: 2. place 2011, Rumia - Wejherowo, Poland
Middle: 3. place 2011, Rumia - Wejherowo, Poland
Sprint: 1. place 2008, Göteborg, Sweden
Relay: 1. place last time 2012, Kosice, Slovakia

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NOCjr (NOCjr)
Best result 13. place:

2009, Sprint, Salo, Finland

Best for each discipline:

Long: 31. place 2009, Salo, Finland
Middle: 41. place 2009, Salo, Finland
Sprint: 13. place 2009, Salo, Finland

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Note that some EYOC results may be missing.

1. place: Once

2008, Long, Solothurn, Switzerland

2. place: Once

2008, Sprint, Solothurn, Switzerland

Best for each discipline:

Long: 1. place 2008, Solothurn, Switzerland
Sprint: 2. place 2008, Solothurn, Switzerland

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Other international results

2011: Venla 2011, 54. place (4. leg, Out: 58. place, In: 54. place, OK Pan Århus)
2010: Venla 2010, 95. place (1. leg, 164. place, OK Pan Århus)
2009: Venla 2009, 126. place (1. leg, 89. place, OK Pan Århus)

IOF World Ranking:
World Ranking position: Middle/Long 912 (as of 18/4/2024)
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Emma Klingenberg (83 times) .

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World Cup 2015 Lysekil W21 2015 World cup long W21 Swedish League #7 D21 Swedish League #6 D21 Kontrollplock Erstavik Swedish League #5 D21 Swedish League #4 D21 Swedish League #3 D21 Järladubbeln repris Swedish League #2 D21 Swedish League #1 D21 Torsdagstennis Träningsdag i Dalarna, förmiddag Träningsdag i Dalarna, eftermiddag Stigtomta SM nat SM Natt 2015 D21 Torsdagsmys JK Long 2015 JK model event Vårtrippeln 3 Vårtrippeln 2 Vårtrippeln 1 Dag i Nyckelviken Järla o-tour - A Järla o-tour - B DM Nat Fortræning til DM nat Langdistance i Tyresta Juniorträff Natt-kurvbildsträning Nackamasterna Mila Stockholm by Night Kurvbildsträning Lördagsmys Lördagsmys 2 #Nattinatti2015träning Nattugla Hej Danmark Søndagsmys Natt-träning (1st try) Natt-träning (2nd try) Mandagsmys Fredagsmys #8 Spain #7 Sapin #6 Spain #5 Spain #4 Spain