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Athlete profile: Natalia Gemperle
NOTE! Athlete background is outdated, last updated 2017-06-30 23:05:23
Took a 5th place at the World Championships Middle in France in 2011 as a first year senior on a very technical course. Struggled to get up to this level again the next years, but was back in the top for the 2015 season where she finished just outside the medals at the WOC long distance in Inverness, Scotland with another 5th place. 2016 was her real breakthrough season with many strong races throughout the season - the highlight being a silver medal in the long distance, a bronze medal in the middle distance, and a gold medal with the Russian relay team at the World Championships in Strömstad, Sweden.
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WoO RankingOverall: 3, Sprint: 6, Middle: 2, Long: 5
World Ranking Middle/Long 6 / Sprint 8 (as of 29/5/2024)
ClubAlfta Osa OK, OLK Argus
Born placeMoscow (RUS)
Born year1990
LivesHallwil (SUI)

World Orienteering Championships (WOC)
2 gold medals

2018, Middle, Riga, Latvia
2016, Relay, Stromstad, Sweden

7 silver medals

2023, Relay, Flims Laax, Switzerland
2023, Middle, Flims Laax, Switzerland
2021, Sprint, Doksy, Czech Republic
2021, Long, Doksy, Czech Republic
2017, Sprint, Tartu, Estonia
2017, Relay, Tartu, Estonia
2016, Long, Stromstad, Sweden

5 bronze medals

2019, Relay, Ostfold, Norway
2019, Middle, Ostfold, Norway
2018, Relay, Riga, Latvia
2017, Long, Tartu, Estonia
2016, Middle, Stromstad, Sweden

Best for each discipline:

Long: Silver last time 2021, Doksy, Czech Republic
Middle: Gold 2018, Riga, Latvia
Sprint: Silver last time 2021, Doksy, Czech Republic
Relay: Gold 2016, Stromstad, Sweden
MixedRelay: DSQ 2016, Stromstad, Sweden

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Overall World Cup (WC Overall)
Best result 18. place:

WC Overall 2016
WC Overall 2015

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European Orienteering Championships (EOC)
1 gold medal

2016, MixedRelay, Jesenik, Czech Republic

1 silver medal

2018, Long, Tessin, Switzerland

4 bronze medals

2023, KO-Sprint, Trentino - Veneto, Italy
2018, Sprint, Tessin, Switzerland
2016, Relay, Jesenik, Czech Republic
2014, Relay, Palmela, Portugal

Best for each discipline:

Long: Silver 2018, Tessin, Switzerland
Middle: 6. place 2018, Tessin, Switzerland
Sprint: Bronze 2018, Tessin, Switzerland
Relay: Bronze last time 2016, Jesenik, Czech Republic
MixedRelay: Gold 2016, Jesenik, Czech Republic
KO-Sprint: Bronze 2023, Trentino - Veneto, Italy

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World Cup (WC)
1. place: 2 times

2018, WC no. 5, Riga, LAT, Middle, WOC
2017, WC no. 7, Cesis, LAT, Middle

2. place: 8 times

2023, WC no. 3, Ceska Lipa, CZE, Sprint
2019, WC no. 8, Guangzhou, CHN, Middle
2019, WC no. 1, Vihti, FIN, Middle
2018, WC no. 3, Tessin, SUI, Long, EOC
2017, WC no. 8, Cesis, LAT, Sprint
2017, WC no. 4, Tartu, EST, Sprint, WOC
2017, WC no. 2, Lintukiima, FIN, Middle
2016, WC no. 8, Stromstad, SWE, Middle, WOC

3. place: 10 times

2023, WC no. 7, Verona, ITA, KO-Sprint
2023, WC no. 2, Ostfold, NOR, Middle
2021, WC no. 5, Cansiglio, ITA, Long
2021, WC no. 4, Idre, SWE, Middle
2019, WC no. 4, Ostfold, NOR, Middle, WOC
2018, WC no. 1, Tessin, SUI, Sprint, EOC
2017, WC no. 10, Grindelwald, SUI, Sprint
2017, WC no. 9, Grindelwald, SUI, Long
2017, WC no. 4, Tartu, EST, Sprint, WOC
2016, WC no. 7, Stromstad, SWE, Long, WOC

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Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC)
3. place: Once

2010, Relay, Ålborg, Denmark

Best for each discipline:

Long: 50. place 2010, Ålborg, Denmark
Middle: 6. place 2010, Ålborg, Denmark
Sprint: 8. place last time 2009, San Martino, Italy
Relay: 3. place 2010, Ålborg, Denmark

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Other international results

2012: Venla 2012, 48. place (4. leg, Out: 60. place, In: 48. place, Angelniemen Ankkuri)
2011: Venla 2011, 8. place (4. leg, Out: 17. place, In: 8. place, Angelniemen Ankkuri)

IOF World Ranking:
World Ranking position: Middle/Long 6 / Sprint 8 (as of 29/5/2024)
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Natalia Gemperle is found under the following names:
Nataliya Vinogradova (45 times) Natalia Gemperle (89 times) Natalia Vinogradova (133 times) .

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