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Athlete profile: Tiago Aires
NOTE! Athlete background is outdated, last updated June 2007
World Ranking Middle/Long 2122 / Sprint 1561 (as of 30/5/2024)
Born placeÉvora (POR)
Born year1982
LivesÉvora (POR)

World Orienteering Championships (WOC)
Best result 24. place:

2013, Relay, Vuokatti, Finland
2003, Relay, Rapperswil/Jona, Switzerland

Best for each discipline:

Long: 36. place 2013, Vuokatti, Finland
Middle: 44. place 2013, Vuokatti, Finland
Sprint: Q17. place 2010, Trondheim, Norway
Relay: 24. place last time 2013, Vuokatti, Finland

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Overall World Cup (WC Overall)
Best result 111. place:

WC Overall 2013

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European Orienteering Championships (EOC)
Best result 21. place:

2010, Relay, Primorsko, Bulgaria

Best for each discipline:

Long: B: DSQ 2012, Falun, Sweden
Middle: Q32. place 2012, Falun, Sweden
Sprint: B21. place 2012, Falun, Sweden
Relay: 21. place 2010, Primorsko, Bulgaria

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World Cup (WC)

Junior World Orienteering Championships (JWOC)
Best result 24. place:

2002, Relay, Alicante, Spain

Best for each discipline:

Long: 114. place 2002, Alicante, Spain
Middle: 57. place 2002, Alicante, Spain
Relay: 24. place 2002, Alicante, Spain

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Other international results

IOF World Ranking:
World Ranking position: Middle/Long 2122 / Sprint 1561 (as of 30/5/2024)
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Tiago Aires (43 times) .

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