World of O Ranking

Calculation scheme

The World of O Ranking is designed to tell who is the best orienteer when it really counts! Points for different results are set based on this - giving a lot more credit for a gold medal compared to silver medal - and very little points when you are out of the top 10. Also, the World Champs count twice as much as the European Champs, and four times as much as a World Cup race.

Thus, the following calculation scheme is used for the World of O Ranking:

  • WOC Gold is the highest possible achievement in orienteering - giving the maxium number of points, 1000.
  • A Gold medal is worth a lot more than a silver, but not as much as twice the value. Thus point values for silver and bronze medals are set to 750 and 500 points.
  • Being outside the medals is no fun - thus a bronze medal is set to be twice as much worth as a 4th place - giving 250 points for the 4th place.
  • Each place you loose within the top 10 counts quite a lot, thus you loose 10% of the points from positions 5 to 11.
  • From number 12 and down, you only loose 1 percent of the points for each position - thus there is not much difference e.g. between a 16th and 17th place.
  • It is evident that last years achievements can not count as much as this years. Currently, the value of last years results are set to 50% of this years results, and halving the number of points againg for 2005 and 2004.
  • In addition to WOC, the other major international races EOC, NOC, WC and JWOC count in the ranking. WOC results are currently set to be twice as much worth as EOC results and four times as much worth as NOC results. JWOC results are set to be worth 5 percent of WOC results.
  • Relay results are generally set to be worth 25% of individual races, and only top 6 results give points.
  • The 5 best races count in the overall ranking - the four best races count in the discipline rankings.
Here are a few example calculations:
  • Gold in WOC 2006 gives 1000 points (gold) * 0.5 (for 2006) = 500 points
  • Gold in WC race 2007 gives 1000 points (gold) * 0.25 (for WOC) = 250 points
  • 4th place in NOC 2007 gives 250 points (4th place) * (0.2 NOC) = 50 points
  • Gold in JWOC 2006 gives 1000 points (gold) * 0.05 (for JWOC) * 0.5 (for 2006) = 25 points
Calculation scheme summed up:
WOC this year:

1. place 1000 points
2. place 750
3. place 500
4. place 250
5. - 11. place -> 10 percent less per place
12. place and on -> 1 percent less per place

2006: 50 % of points
2005: 25 % of points
2004: 12.5 % of points

EM: 50 % of points
WC: 25 % of points
NOC: 20 % of points
JWOC: 5 % of points
WC Overall: Not included

Relay: 25 % of points, and points only for top 6.